Topic: “It’s a New Era for Therapists Looking to Provide Online Counseling to Their Clients”


Lets Talk Counseling ( has just made counseling online legal, affordable, and user friendly for all Therapists, Counselors, and Life Coaches. Lets Talk Counseling has created a HIPAA Certified as well as state-wide (all of the United States) compliant system that is easy and secure for both clinicians and their clients to be able to log in and communicate securely through our video technology.


By launching this service, Therapists and Counselors (from Psychiatrists to Life Coaches) can now stay within compliance and work with their clients that prefer the anonymity and secure comfort that our website provides.  This now also allows industry professionals to work with clients that may not have sought counseling due to ailments that prevent travel, rural location, or anxiety of physically going to a therapist’s office.


Lets Talk counseling believes so greatly in this service that it is providing a free trial and an instruction session of how the website works and benefits the clinical industry.  We believe that once a Therapist or Counselor tries our  free trial they will see instantly how this cutting edge technology assists them with growing their business as well as reach a much needed population of new potential patients.


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