About Us

Arthur F. Cooksey III, Chairman of the Board

In 2001 Arthur Cooksey a native of NC, founded Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc. (LTI) which started developing technology to enable access to qualified and licensed Behavioral health professionals. During the early years of LTI Mr. Cooksey was exposed to many aspects of healthcare as well as the technology and bandwidth needed to create a new type of health care platform and realized that the vision was ahead of the infrastructure to deliver the services. 

Mr. Cooksey took the next few years to prepare for the opportunity we see today in telehealth as well as the delivery and access to customized services and technology. Through corporate development with Bank of America Merchant Services, high performing leadership positions and responsibilities for corporate strategy for small business. Mr. Cooksey was able to grow his personal development as well as corporate and strategic experience at the highest levels over the last decade.

Currently utilizing his experience and expertise to help drive the successful adoption of Let’s Talk Interactive’s suite of products and services. Mr. Cooksey’s extensive background in banking leadership, along with networking and strategic partnerships developed over the years have given Mr. Cooksey the relationships and expertise to succeed in this emerging market. 

Candice DeLong

Former FBI profiler and bestselling author Candice DeLong is an internationally recognized homicide expert and TV news commentator. She has been a guest on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Meet the Press, Hardball, Dateline, 48 Hours, Today , and Good Morning America as well as Dr. Phil and Oprah . She was the creator and talk show host of CRIME TIME with Candice DeLong , a Cumulus radio show broadcast in San Francisco. Prior to her twenty-year career as an FBI agent and profiler, Candice was Head Nurse at Northwestern University Hospital’s Institute of Psychiatry in Chicago, Illinois. Candice’s memoir, SPECIAL AGENT: My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman the FBI (Hyperion, 2001) was the first career memoir to be written by a female agent of the FBI. For twenty years Candice was on the front lines of some of the FBI’s most high profile cases, including the Tylenol murders and her undercover assignment in the Unabomber case.  Candice was the Acting Supervisor of the San Francisco Division of the FBI’s Child Abduction/Serial Killer Task Force, the Head Profiler in the San Francisco division, as well and a member of the State of California’s Child Abduction Task Force. Today she lectures widely to lay, university, and law enforcement professionals on such issues as mental illness, safety issues for women and children, preventing sexual abuse, and her career in the FBI.

For the past ten years, Candice has been the host and the face of the longest running show on Investigation Discovery (ID), DEADLY WOMEN , now seen in 160 countries. Candice uses her expertise as a career investigator, her decade of treating the mentally ill, and her knowledge of aberrant human behavior to explain the psychology, motivation and behavior of the world’s most fascinating killers. Candice was the creator, executive producer and host of FACING EVIL with Candice DeLong on Investigation Discovery from 2010 to 2015, a show that took her behind prison walls and even to death row to talk one-on- one with convicted killers. Candice is widely regarded as a voice and an advocate for
adult survivors of child abuse as well as the mentally ill when they commit murder. Regarding her media presence and access; USA Today , The Washington Post , Chicago Tribune , The New York and LA Times , and NY Daily News have all quoted Candice on major crime stories in the news.

She is a guest contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine on issues of personal safety for young women. Regarding Candice’s social media presence; ID is the 2nd most popular cable network in the US. The website, InvestigationDiscovery.com features a section called Crime Feed, which is dedicated to up-to-date coverage of crime stories in the news as well as editorials by luminaries of the Investigative Discovery network. Candice is a frequent contributor to Crime Feed , and her editorial on Bill Cosby on Thanksgiving weekend of 2014 received more clicks than any previous editorial. Crime Feed receives an astonishing 4 million clicks per month. Candice's Facebook page, Crime Time with Candice DeLong, commenced in May of 2012 and now has over 11,000 followers. Her Twitter site, Profiler DeLong, has 5,500 followers.

Candice sits on the boards of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse (M.A.S.A.) and Roots for Individual and Social Empowerment (RISE), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting survivors of child sex abuse and to eliminating the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases, both civil and criminal.  Candice received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN), from the University of Illinois in 1976.

Lee Shaw

Lee Shaw holds an M.A. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX. and a B.A. from Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi. Mr. Shaw’s distinguished career has spanned many venues including Corporate Operations Management, New Market Penetration, Operating Budget Administration, High Profile Public Relations, Management and Staff Development, High Level Negotiations and Advertising, and Promotional Campaigns. Mr. Shaw has more than 20 years of business experience encompassing management and entrepreneurial ventures. He has comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of executive development including strategic planning, tactical execution, financial analysis, and market development. Mr. Shaw is a visionary leader with a successful history of establishing and exceeding short and long-range goals leading to overall company growth. He is an innovative and a resourceful change agent with proven strategies to substantially improve bottom-line profitability. Mr. Shaw’s outstanding communication skills effectively interface with major decision makers from various disciplines to achieve mutually beneficial goals. He is a highly effective negotiator and has earned the reputation of being highly dedicated, ethical, and having a strong commitment to professional excellence.

Mr. Shaw is the Developer and President of Community Impact, Fort Worth, TX, as well as the Developer and President of The Grove International. He is the former Executive Director of Common Ground Ministries, the Developer for Metro Clean, and the Executive Counsel/Teacher for Emmaus Road Ministry School. Mr. Shaw also served as Executive Director of Crusade Preparation and Follow-up for David Roever Evangelistic Association. Mr. Shaw’s remarkable abilities are a great asset to Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc ., and the product Letstalkcounseling.com.

Michael P. Harden, PhD

Dr. Michael P. Harden is a seasoned international executive and business leader with extensive experience in building successful businesses. He currently serves as CEO of Accel-A- Tech, a homeland security technology accelerator in Northern Virginia. He is often interviewed and quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times; has appeared on CNN’s Money Line; testified before several Congressional Committees on technology matters; and consulted with business and government leaders around the world. His previous experience includes building and managing a $50 million division of a Fortune 500 company. Dr. Harden has 32 years of business experience, twelve of which are at the CEO level. He is an adjunct professor at three universities where he teaches graduate level strategic planning and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he serves as a professional CEO coach with Vistage International.

Michael G. Meyer

Michael Meyer has been involved with Lets Talk Interactive from soon after it’s conception, working on LTI’s business development implementation. Mr. Meyer came to Lets Talk Interactive after having been involved in another online counseling startup from 1998 until 2000. Mr. Meyer holds a Bachelor of Science from SCSU and a Master’s Degree from Ashland University. Mr. Meyer is a partner in a financial services company in Connecticut and responsible for the company’s strategic growth and management of both its commercial and residential mortgage financing divisions.

Gerald M. Beaudoin, Doctorate of Jurisprudence

Gerald “Jerry”” Beaudoin is a 1989 graduate from The Florida State University College of Law. Jerry brings over twenty-six years of legal experience to the Board of Directors. Residing in Connecticut with his wife and children, Jerry has successfully managed a varied practice, which includes, among other things, business and transactional law, health care litigation issues and residential and commercial real estate matters. Jerry has brought complex litigation cases to successful verdicts before juries in the both the State and Federal court systems within Connecticut. He has also briefed and argued numerous cases before the Connecticut Appellate Court, as well as the Connecticut Supreme Court. Jerry is a persuasive negotiator and, when necessary, an effective litigator who maintains the highest ethical standards in his endeavors.