How do we provide quality health care services to an aging population?

Telemedicine in Skilled Nursing facilities
22 Oct

How do we provide quality health care services to an aging population?

Skilled Nursing Facilities continue to face the same struggles in patient care;

· Reducing readmissions

·      Access to quality providers

·         Finding quality, consistent treatment for their patients from their providers

·         Putting into effect Quality Behavioral Health Care and Monitoring

Let’s Talk Interactive can not only help solve those problems and improve patient care, but our solutions will reduce your costs, generate new revenue streams and create both a healthier patient and facility.

Let’s Talk Interactive deploys the nations leading Telemedicine Software and Virtual Med-carts. These solutions are currently deployed at Pepperdine university, Cardinal Health, UNC Chapel Hill and Brown University to just name a few. Our providers complete nearly 3.5 million minutes of successful and meaningful Telemedicine visits monthly.

With the use of our Med-carts and Telemedicine Software platform, providers can care for their patients 24/7/365 with the ability to view live analytics such as EKG, Blood Pressure, Pulse OX, CAT SCAN etc., over 41 analytics in whole. Now your providers can see that patient at 12am and make an educated decision on the next steps in care, potentially saving the patient and the facility from unrequired ER visits, thus improving patient care, retention, and lowering readmissions.

On the provider side, our leadership understands the objectives of the facility and patient needs, as we have over 40 years clinical experience at the helm. With over 13,400 Behavioral Health Specialist, including 1,373 Psychiatrists, and another 30,000 plus Physicians, covering all 50 States and Puerto Rico. This is the most complete Network offering in the US.

Whether you are looking for the technology, provider care or mental health oversight, Let’s Talk Interactive can help your skilled nursing facility relieve your pain points and reach your goals in care and return on investment.

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