Let's Talk Counseling: HIPAA Compliant Mental Health Counseling online for patients and Providers

06 Nov

Let's Talk Counseling: HIPAA Compliant Mental Health Counseling online for patients and Providers

Let’s Talk Counseling – The Concept

Nearly 20 years ago Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc. (LTI) saw a need in the behavioral health industry. Individuals seeking counseling were starting to look online for help. A small number of providers began to offer online counseling sessions to meet this new demand, but there was no HIPAA compliant video conferencing vehicle available to use. LTI recognized the problem and solution and began to develop a HIPAA complaint video platform to meet the needs of providers and clients. The main issue was that the speed of the internet did not allow for real time, unbroken sessions.

As internet accessibility became more readily available and faster, LTI was able to launch www.letstalkcounseling.com.  Initially, Let’s Talk Counseling (LTC) was developed for the individual practitioner, and as time passed began to offer their video counseling platform to mental health agencies, hospitals, and the Telehealth industry. LTC is now aligned with the largest Telehealth Network of Providers in the nation through a joint venture, Complete Telehealth Solutions.

Meeting the Needs of the People

How did Let’s Talk Counseling and Let’s Talk Interactive grow so quickly? The answer is simple, the need for behavioral health is growing and our technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years. Telehealth became the next natural step in behavioral healthcare.

Individuals may not seek out in-person traditional counseling for many reasons. Some may be in denial about the issues that trouble them, while others may fear that the community will find out and scrutinize them for seeking counseling. The issue that most pressingly needs to be addressed via counseling may also be the very thing which is keeping some individuals from seeking out the help they need.

For example, Agoraphobics, are afraid of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. Just thought of it may send them deeper into themselves and further away from seeking the help they need. However, counseling is essential in order to learn to cope and live a normal life. The option of Telehealth gives people suffering from agoraphobia the option to be seek the help they need from the comfort of their homes.

There is also a large percentage of the population who live in rural or remote areas where behavioral healthcare providers are not readily available. In addition, there are people who lack transportation or may not be able to physically travel. Telehealth is also beneficial for people with busy lifestyles who are unable to attend a weekly session in a traditional brick and mortar setting.  When these people need counseling - what options do they have?

The Solution is Let’s Talk Counseling

LTC gives behavioral healthcare providers like Psychologists and Psychiatrists the ability to offer telehealth counseling sessions that are safe, HIPAA compliant, and extremely user friendly.  In return, their clients are able to conveniently get the help that they need.  LTC gives behavioral healthcare providers the ability to schedule appointments, take payment (including insurance), and fully engage with their clients.

To learn more about Let’s Talk Interactive and Let’s Talk Counseling, or for a free demo, reach out to Arthur Cooksey at ac@letstalkinteractive.com.

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