05 Mar

Telehealth Solutions For Rural Communities

Med Carts offer HIPAA-compliant video communication and come with a number of attachments to take vitals and assist the care provider in diagnosing a patient in rural communities.

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25 Feb

Complex Healthcare Development Services

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19 Nov

Telehealth Allows Florida Community Service Agency to Provide Care to Those Affected by Hurricane Michael

Let’s Talk Interactive recently donated a telehealth platform to a Florida community-based provider of child welfare, substance abuse, and mental health services to aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

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06 Nov

Let's Talk Counseling: HIPAA Compliant Mental Health Counseling online for patients and Providers

Let’s Talk Counseling connects behavioral health professionals with their clients via HIPAA-compliant video sessions.

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Telemedicine in Skilled Nursing facilities
22 Oct

How do we provide quality health care services to an aging population?

Telemedicine: Saving and Redefining Skilled Nursing Facilities Service

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