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During coronavirus isolation, treating mental health issues through telemedicine is vital

Prioritizing mental health by utilizing video interaction with trained mental health professionals is a healthy practice that allows people to focus on what they can control during this time of uncertainty. Our society and our government need to step up to the challenge and embrace this pandemic as a time for a change. Temporarily waiving Medicare restrictions during this COVID-19 emergency and providing broader access is a great first step.

A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

"Let’s Talk Interactive recently debuted its COVID-19 Telehealth Response Platform. The company’s telemedicine systems include the ability to push live bio-analytics, call triage, complete e-documents, medical care on-demand and secure video, which has proven effective in supporting health systems during a prior Ebola outbreak. With the infiltration of COVID-19 throughout the U.S. and the subsequent rapid daily changes to societal operations, response scalability is of utmost importance to manage a public health crisis, the company said."

Let’s Talk Interactive and Soldier On Partner to Provide Veterans with Improved Access to Mental Health Care Services via Telehealth

Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc., (LTI) a leader in customizable Telehealth Networks and Solutions, and Soldier On, a nonprofit organization committed to ending veteran homelessness, today announce they have partnered to implement a new program that provides veterans with greater access to mental health services. Soldier On will leverage LTI’s secure, HIPAA-compliant online software platform and customized telehealth kiosks in its transitional housing, jail programs, and permanent housing in order to further assist our nation’s warfighters as they transition from homelessness to homeownership.

Let’s Talk Interactive Launches COVID-19 Telehealth Response Platform

Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of customizable telehealth solutions including a sophisticated HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform, today announces the firm’s new COVID-19 Telehealth Response Platform as it continues to stay at the forefront of providing measures nationwide to ensure adequate control of the coronavirus.

Let’s Talk Interactive Platform and Civil Citation Network Demonstrate New Citation Software at 2nd Annual PTACC Conference

"Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc., a leader in customizable Telehealth Networks and Solutions, today announces its technology will be featured in the 2nd Annual Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative (PTACC) National Conference on Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion. The event, led by C4 Recovery Solutions, is held November 10-13, 2019 at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra, Florida."

Telehealth kiosks a success in Bay County schools

"New data from Bay County shows that in-school mental health telehealth sessions are steadily increasing.The rise in counseling sessions comes after telehealth company Let’s Talk Interactive (LTI) installed dozens of kiosks and iPad portals in schools across the region, including those Bay Calhoun, Gulf, Franklin, Jackson and Liberty counties."

Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — 10.23.19

"Telehealth bill praised at Senate hearing — Art Cooksey, CEO and Founder of Let’s Talk Interactive, praised the passage of 2019’s House Bill 23 at a meeting of the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee. Cooksey’s company makes machines that allow for teleconferencing between mental health professionals and those seeking their services. 'You’re putting together those rails that are really in need to take a technology like this, make sure it’s HIPAA-compliant, make sure that we’re staying within the health care regulations that we need to stay within so that this is safe, it’s secure and it’s a new way for people to connect.' In August, his company’s portals were added to schools throughout the North Florida region impacted by Hurricane Michael."

A Personalized, Interactive K-12 Education Powered By The 5G Era

"Let’s Talk Interactive, [...] designs telemedicine kiosks intended to deliver mental health services—and the kiosks are also equipped to allow healthcare providers to remotely run physical diagnostics like temperature and blood pressure."

“'Think of it like a highly sophisticated video call with a mental health provider, where the parent or guardian is able to be a part of the conversation from their cellphone,' says Art Cooksey, founder and CEO of Let’s Talk Interactive."