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CAS Lite Telemedicine Cart

CAS Lite Telemedicine Cart
The CAS Lite Telemedicine Cart healthcare delivery station frees you from the space concerns of larger form factors. Customize your Telemedicine Cart to accommodate specific examination needs using its innovative modular design. With its slim footprint, built-in WiFi and Ethernet, CAS Lite is the perfect mobile telemedicine solution to seamlessly fit into small clinical spaces.

Starting at

$14171.88 usd


Efficient and Intelligent

• Simple to launch and use
• Customizable to your workflow
• Integrated software and hardware

Secure and Compliant

• Integrated security features
• Locking compartment option prevents unauthorized usage

Sleek and Mobile

• Sleek, ovular design
• Small footprint and five-wheel base
• 5-inch wheel casters for stability, ease of egress, and turning
• Highly maneuverable in confined spaces
• Adjustable ergonomics; worksurface movement is 33-44”