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eNcounter v3 station license all modules (annual license - includes up to 10 user access accounts)

We know you need tools that are simple, effective and easy to use – tools that strengthen the patient-caregiver relationship. With eNcounter, you’ll have access to every feature necessary to practice any form of virtual care. GlobalMed can help you build a successful telemedicine practice, whether you're a small medical office or a large healthcare organization.

eNcounter®: Telehealth Features for Every Form of Virtual Care


  • Specialized Auscultation
  • Spirometric Interpretation
  • Abdominal and Vascular Ultrasound Imaging
  • Electrocardiogram Interpretation
  • Manual and Automated Vitals Entry
  • Diagnostic Image Capture
  • Image Measurement
  • Multi-Way Video Conferencing
  • Synchronous Diagnostic Data Transfer
  • Offline Connectivity
  • Image Annotations
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Automated Hearing Tests


  • Scheduling
  • Visit Summaries
  • PACS Query
  • PACS Upload
  • Video Recordings
  • Worklist Selection

Package includes:

eNcounter v3 station license (annual license - includes up to 10 user access accounts)

eNcounter v3 ClearSteth Module

eNcounter v3 ECG Module

eNcounter v3 Vitals Module

eNcounter v3 Pulmonary Lung Function Module (spirometer)

eNcounter v3 Ultrasound Module

eNcounter v3 PACS Storage Module


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