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LTI Tempscreen

The LTI Tempscreen is able to quickly and easily transition to post-pandemic access management and check-in uses. The ability to know who is inside your facility and log access will continue to be good governance now and in the future.

Key Software Features

  • Ability to use a Variety of Tokens for Access - Mobile Phone, RFID / NFC Access Card, Driver’s License

  • Touch Screen

  • Ability to Manage Multiple Populations (Employees, Visitors, Contractors, etc.)

  • Highly Customizable Screening Questionnaire

  • Ability to Send Screening Questionnaire in Advance of Interaction with the Kiosk

  • Speedy Temperature Detection

  • Three Levels of Alerting in Real-Time

  • Allows for Multiple Email Alerts

  • User Administered Dashboard - Real-Time Reporting, Query-Based Report Generation • Roster Management, CSV Exportable

  • Ability to Print Badges or Wristbands

  • Ability to Deploy Solution Remotely as well as Ongoing

  • Highest Level of Data Security and Protection (HIPPA and PHI Compliant)

  • Ability to Integrate Existing Back-End Systems (Access Control, Payroll, EMR’s)

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Base Tier

Designed to facilitate a safe environment for healthcare workers

  • Can be designed as a pure stand-alone temperature screening solution using touchscreen capabilities
    - OR -
  • Includes simple go / no-go (green / red) temperature scanning
  • Ability to use 1 token for identity validation. Token can be a mobile phone / QR code, ID badge, driver’s license, or a host of biometrics
  • Secured access to LMID AIMe administration module for admin access and flexibility
  • Basic reporting functions
  • PHI / HIPPA compliant

Base Tier Plus

Designed for healthcare workers and visitors

Includes all features of the Base Tier in addition to:

  • Access to the use of multiple tokens for identity management and security
  • Ability to incorporate visitor management workflows
  • Printing of wristbands and badges for management of visitors and periodic users
  • Real time enhanced dashboard and reporting

Premium Tier

Designed for integration to existing back-end systems such as access control, payroll / timeclock, EMR, and payment systems

Includes all features of the Base Tier and the Base Tier Plus

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