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LTI TotalExam Telemedicine Lite Camera

LTI TotalExam Telemedicine Lite Camera
Specifically designed with the clinician and medical professional in mind, the TotalExam® Lite is our most feature complete and lightweight video solution for telemedicine, available in both autofocus and otoscope models.

Starting at

$2118.75 usd


It includes patented dual-polarization hood and the USB safety cable locking for continuous attachment, as well as in-field diagnostics and a complete list of peripherals including tongue depressor, and polarizing dermatology hood.

Incorporating over twelve years of innovation into its design, TotalExam® Telemedicine Lite is FDA cleared and U.S. FCC approved. It can be used both standalone or integrated with our virtual health platform

Included in Package:

LTI TotalExam Lite Camera - USB2 pwrd

720p HD camera system w/ autofocus

tongue blade adapter

polarizing derm hood

locking USB cables

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