Introduced to Telehealth During the Pandemic By Necessity, Many Now Use it By Choice

This article was orginally posted on Future Healthcare Today by Arthur Cooksey on January 05, 2022. Click here to read the original article.

We are all much better acquainted with telehealth than we were just 18 months ago. The need to receive medical attention during the pandemic drove concerns about exposure in crowded waiting rooms and ERs, resulting in people turning to telehealth as the solution to continued care.

As a result of this paradigm shift, telehealth expanded exponentially in less than two months: McKinsey & Company reports that telehealth use was 78 times higher in April 2020 than it was in February 2020 and that demand remains high: about 40 percent of consumers surveyed expect to continue to use telehealth, up from 11 percent using it before the pandemic.

While the COVID virus continues to show new variances, the move towards telehealth appears permanent, as the benefits from telehealth have the opportunity to continue to support more lives in meaningful ways. Along with the rise in telehealth usage and incentives to leverage the technology, we’ll also see a rise in other areas, including the impact it has on communities, regulatory reform, and investment in continuous innovation.

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