A full suite of cutting-edge Telemedicine solutions.

We provide the Telehealth infrastructure that allows providers to support anyone from anywhere.

Telemedicine Carts & Equipment

We offer turnkey solutions built to your Telehealth needs and specifications.

Let’s Talk Interactive has made it simple to integrate and deploy our cutting-edge HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, live analytics, and our telemedicine office suite with a host of equipment and peripheral options.

From solutions as simple as pre-configured tablets, to our exclusive virtual med carts and kiosks with the ability to integrate 42 attachments ranging from EKG, ultrasound, and blood pressure to Tele-Stroke and PulseOX. Analytics are pushed live through the virtual clinic interface to any provider, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Our kiosks have been used in hospitals, assisted living facilities, prisons, rural community centers, and disaster relief zones.

Our solutions are turnkey, fully customizable and can be white-labeled and designed to your needs and specifications. Our goal is to give you the tools and technology you need to enable your practice to offer a level of care that exceeds other options in the marketplace. Contact us today to discuss the options and offerings we can provide to your practice.

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Video Conferencing & Telemedicine Software Suite

Our communication platform facilitates more than three-million minutes of HIPAA compliant telehealth sessions each month.

Today’s marketplace is driven by convenience, and telemedicine is the modern-day equivalent of a house call. We provide a user friendly, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant platform to offer the convenience of remote sessions.

Let’s Talk Interactive offers a platform that can be quickly configured to any medical workflow, ranging from solo practitioners to hospital networks. It is fully compatible with any operating system, browser, mobile phone, and can be integrated into any system via API.

Applying brick and mortar work flow functionality and needs with the most seamless and easy to use HIPAA-compliant video conferencing in the marketplace, the platform provides a roadmap for growth without the constraint of geographical location.

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HIPAA Compliant Website Development

In a post-COVID world, it is critical for healthcare providers to have a website presence in order to attract and retain patients.

Even if a medical practice relies on referrals only, eventually the stream of patients can run dry. As new practices open in the area, the chance of maintaining the same level of referrals can drop significantly.

Competitive doctors are likely to have well-built, professionally designed websites, giving prospective new patients an opportunity to become familiar with the practice long before making their first appointment.

Here at Let's Talk Interactive, we specialize in building safe, secure, HIPAA compliant, websites and web based applications including electronic medical records, patient referral portals, telehealth software and more!

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