First Responder Crisis Intervention Program

Immediate access to support when and where it's needed

Let’s Talk Interactive’s First Responder Crisis Intervention Program gives career, volunteer, and retired firefighters, EMS, law enforcement agencies, and their families immediate access to support when and where they need it. Support is provided virtually by licensed, trauma-informed professionals who understand first responder culture and the urgent need to help those who live in a traumatizing role and do it with honor every day.

  • 24/7/365 telephonic and telemedicine on-demand offering to support the stressors first responders are experiencing
  • Experienced providers who have completed a minimum of 8 years of trauma service, including PTSD, and understand first responder culture
  • Secure solutions that are HIPAA-certified, SOC 2 accredited
First Responders

How does it work?

Our team consists of care coordinators with experience in law enforcement and uniform services who understand the environmental conditions present when performing these functions. We also have a large cohort of clinicians specialized in emergency services with trauma service experience including PTSD.

30% of first responders develop behavioral health conditions including depression and PTSD

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First responders need experts to talk to who are trained in the type of support they need.

Approximately 50% of firefighters report heavy or binge drinking alcohol

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Each year more U.S. firefighters die from suicide than in the line of duty.

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