University Telehealth Program

Immediate deployment supporting any use case

We build the infrastructure that enables universities to provide their faculty, students, and community with access to healthcare, mental health support, training and education

Our virtual care platform, TrustVideo, has a complete suite of features that can be used in various virtual and in-person delivery models of care and training.

University Telehealth Program

Benefits for Universities

Develop an equipped workforce

They are prepared to answer the demands of a changing healthcare landscape.

Continue to innovate

With new service delivery models.

Provide seamless care

To rural and underserved populations, schools, jails and more.

Training access

Enable medical students to access affordable training for medical school.

Software Features

Configurable workflow for direct-to-consumer, schools, correctional facilities, training environments, community centers, primary care, hospitals and more

HIPAA-compliant and SOC2 certified

Integrated video conferencing features and cloud recording

EHR and medical device integration

Provider notes and AI transcriptions

Automated provider and self-scheduling

Virtual waiting room

Secure messaging and file transfer

Credit card payment

Security, risk, and data management

Accessible via any device with internet connectivity and compatible with android, iOS, PC and MacOS

Trust AI snapshot

By working with LTI, we are able to consolidate our tele-behavioral care capabilities and address the challenges we have faced in making care accessible -- from reducing the number of no-show appointments to improving tele-behavioral care coordination. This allows us to shift the focus to the care experience and make it seamless for all students, patients, providers, and our communities across the state.