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Teaming up to expand access to health care.

kiww and LTI

Kathy Ireland is an active member of the Let's Talk Interactive Board of Directors. Together, our goal is to develop solutions that bring greater access to healthcare for all people. 

Our initial focus is leveraging our telehealth solutions to enable the kathy ireland Recovery Centers, a nationwide network of outpatient recovery centers providing SUD treatment regardless of a patient's insurance policy or ability to pay, to expand its reach and impact. Recently, Kathy teamed up with Eric Hargan, former Deputy Secretary of HHS, to voice concerns about the Silent Epidemic of opioid abuse in America. Through a live OpEd interview with USA TODAY, they discuss what a public-private partnership combating SUD might look like.

As the founder of kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW), Ms. Ireland is the most successful woman-owned licensing business leader in American history.  Kathy Ireland is a world-renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and human rights advocate. She is a consistent advocate for human rights and religious freedom, with philanthropic commitments including the war on sex trafficking, improved access to medical care, access to mental health and recovery from addiction for men, women and children, as well as honoring America’s brave military members and their families.

Kathy is the first woman to serve on the Board of Directors of NFLPI, Advisory Board Member WNBPA, Advisory Board Member to Serena Williams Companies, Advisor James Madison Program, Princeton University.

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     "Access to quality healthcare isn't available to everyone equally in our cities and especially those people living in our rural and underserved communities. All of us at kiWW® are committed to expanding access to better quality physical and mental healthcare, as well as cybersecurity to everyone. LTI has helped families throughout our nation receive access to excellent healthcare and through our stellar collaboration, we will be able to introduce even more people to excellent cybersecurity services, quality healthcare, to advanced communication services. We are grateful and ecstatic to work besides Arthur, the esteemed board of directors and every associate of LTI. Many companies have approached us in these arenas and the answer was always ‘no’ until we met personally with Arthur and his team. We share values, commitment and a great desire to make our nation healthier and safer. 

    Something wonderful is about to happen.” 

    --Kathy Ireland, Let's Talk Interactive Board Member, founder of kiWW®, who also serves as International Youth Chair for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, as Ambassador for the American Cancer Society, and an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. 

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