Together, let's create a network to fulfill the needs of your organization.

LTI offers clients access to provider networks for acute care, mental health care, emergency care and employee benefits.

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Our provider networks cover any medical or mental health use case across all 50 states including Puerto Rico. We serve a vast number of organizations including Fort Madison School District, Jefferson County School District, Florida A&M University, and more.

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    LTI is more than a technology company.

    We provide our partners with an unrivaled level of clinical knowledge through our extensive provider network.

    NWF Health Network
    Arkos Health
    American Health Communities
    Fort Madison Schools
    Jefferson County K-12


    We are experienced in building full health support networks and infrastructure for school systems.

    Our provider network can supplement any existing staff and provider your system currently has--from additional nurses to mental health therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, to LCSWs, LMHCs, LPCs, master-level clinicians, MDs, and IEP services.

    Mental Health in Schools

    Students can receive treatment onsite during the school day from an LTI mental health clinician. Learn about how we are making an impact on student mental health in the Florida Panhandle.

    Read a recent article in Parents Magazine about how LTI is helping bridge the mental health gap in schools with telehealth. 

    We enabled Florida to provide remote mental health services, attending to 300 children in less than 30 days who had been on a waiting list for months.

    Looking to Setup a Provider Network?

    Jails / Corrections

    LTI provides medical and behavioral health services to jails and corrections facilities including substance abuse support for inmates to ultimately help reduce recidivism rates upon release.

    Our provider network supports medicated assisted treatment programs, substance abuse counseling and specialty care such as dental health.

    Head over to our blog to learn more about how mental health screening in jails can save lives and the economy. 

    Using LTI’s telehealth portals has allowed us to help inmates who are suffering from substance abuse and receive services they otherwise could not receive in our small community.

    Looking to Setup a Provider Network?

    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    LTI provides a complete provider network to skilled nursing facilities that enables them to treat patients in place. By incorporating telehealth technology and connecting patients with a network of experienced Geriatricians, skilled nursing facilities experience reduced hospitalizations, ED visits, transportation/ambulance costs which result in a major increase in retained revenue and improved quality of life.

    Our team works directly with your facility to create a customized clinical approach and policies, in addition to the following benefits:

    • Extended clinical service to take all calls during after-hours
    • Seamless workflow that integrates into your facility’s current process
    • A single number to directly connect with our physicians -- no call backs
    • Approximately 97% of calls are answered within 2 minutes

    Learn more about how telehealth is impacting skilled nursing:

    How Does Telehealth Affect Skilled Nursing?

    Let's Talk Interactive Brings Advanced Telehealth Technology to Nursing Home Patients

    How Telehealth Changed Senior Living Communities

    By pairing LTI’s technology with Arkos’ specialized, geriatric medical expertise, we can ensure that our patients will get the right care, day or night, and potentially avoid unnecessary transfers to emergency rooms. Avoidable hospitalizations are not only costly but also potentially harmful to the health of patients.

    Our extensive Network

    Arkos Health
    Cross Country Health
    Cross Country Education
    Quantum Health Solutions

    Looking to Setup a Provider Network?

    Employee Assistance

    Employee Assistance Programs

    Our EAP networks offer access to professional counseling for a range of emotional and behavioral issues from depression and anxiety to family and grief counseling to substance abuse and recovery to conflict resolution.

    Employer Services

    Employers can benefit from professional coaching and counseling for employee referrals, crisis management, coaching during employee performance improvement, development of policies and procedures for managing an EAP, onsite mediation and counseling, and staffing support.


    We offer a variety of non adversarial, confidential and voluntary services to families and businesses in transition, providing assistance with:

    • Domestic relations and decision-making
    • Arbitration
    • Parenting coordination

    Wellness Programming

    Custom program development that focuses on improving employee performance through well-being initiatives ranging from information offerings to staff, to subsidized healthy lunches, coordinated biometric evaluations, fitness education and company fitness centers.

    Behavioral Healthcare Management

    Centralized, diagnostic and referral functions that include identification of the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective level of intervention and referral to the appropriate LTI behavioral network provider. Our case managers access treatment, develop a care monitoring plan and approve provider treatment plans.

    DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

    Provided nationwide in support of employers and employees seeking assistance and DOT compliance. LTI assists managers in understanding and employing a substance abuse policy and procedure and provides education programs for individuals who need education as a component for return to work as determined by any SAP.

    Looking to Setup a Provider Network?

    First Responder Services

    Looking to Setup a Provider Network?