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Bridging the mental health gap in schools with telehealth

Posted: September 29, 2021

The following is an excerpt from Parents Magazine. To read the full story, visit parents online.  

Schools Must Adjust to Post-Pandemic Student Needs—These Programs Could Help

Learning in the pandemic has been completely unprecedented territory. With a new school year underway, schools are facing increased challenges. Here's how districts are adapting to improve education and mental health resources for their students.

Bridging the Mental Health Gap With Technology

With the rise in mental health concerns for children during the pandemic, districts are getting creative about how kids can access therapy and other health services, especially when typical in-person therapy sessions are not possible. Florida public schools work with The Hope for Healing initiative to give virtual access to mental health resources to 35,000 school-aged children. Since they launched after Hurricane Michael in 2019, their "Let's Talk Interactive" program installed 63 custom kiosks and iPads in schools, typically in counselor and nursing offices, and trained staff on how to help students access mental health professionals through these telehealth appointments. The success of the program continues through the pandemic, with students having access to almost 14,000 sessions collectively as of July 2021, even during virtual learning.

A student uses a custom kiosks from Let's Talk Initiative

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