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Experience the highest level of security and compliance while increasing ways to securely connect with your customers

Today, meeting HITECH and HIPAA-mandated security and privacy standards is not always enough to protect against breaches, losses, and legal troubles.

That's why we have partnered with XQ, the global leader in data protection, to help you do more to protect your most valuable and sensitive asset -- data.

LTI Data Shield

Our high-security solution grants you a fast, affordable path to Zero Trust Data and supports CMMC compliance.

✅ Avoid location and network-related efficiency impairments and safely engage anytime

✅ Protect data with lifecycle end-to-end encryption 

✅ Experience secure email communications and file storage

✅ Data tracking, control, and revocation capabilities mean you can fix errors and address risks before they become one

✅ Extended trust that allows for frictionless sharing with patients and the ability to have regulated conversations with patients anywhere

✅ Compatible with G-Suite and Microsoft 365

HIPAA And Zero Trust Data: A New Standard For Medical Privacy, Security, And Compliance In The 21st Century

Medical services, management, and records have gone digital. As both bad actors and regulatory enforcement get smart to virtual healthcare, the revenue, reputation, and compliance consequences tied to organizational losses of health data grow, while protecting it is increasingly challenging.

Today, meeting HITECH and HIPAA-mandated security and privacy standards is not always enough to protect against breaches, losses, and legal troubles. Compliance-centered risk management methods struggle to adapt to the evolving technological and geopolitical landscapes. Rapidly emerging and expanding threats and risks demand that covered entities and business associates do more to protect their most valuable and sensitive asset, data. Organizations can help insulate themselves from liability and future-proof their compliance processes by achieving a Zero Trust Data security posture.

The Problem with Conventional Cybersecurity

Historically, cybersecurity has taken a ‘walled’ approach to protecting data. Under this strategy, increasing security means adding another few feet to the digital ‘wall’ separating protected information from the dangerous, outside world. This approach has gotten stale. Cybercriminals regularly outsmart the legacy technology. Attackers are highly motivated because they can access to everything once this single perimeter is breached. As they burrow under, climb over, and blast right through walled network security, building up the wall isn’t going to cut it!

How Can Organizations Protect Their Reputation, Pocketbook, and Patients?

To combat the vulnerabilities of traditional cybersecurity, covered entities and business associates should implement LTI Data Shield Powered by XQ. Why? Because it keeps electronic protected health infomation (ePHI) and electronic health records (EHR) safe and controlled, anywhere they travel.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity ‘solutions’ which leave your most valuable and vulnerable asset - data - to fend for itself, Zero Trust Data doubles down on security by individually wrapping each piece of data in its own secure ‘envelope’ and only unwraps it in accordance with Zero Trust’s stringent ‘never trust, always verify’ principle. Our approach provides security, protection, and control that no competitor comes close to.

Zero Trust Data Benefits

Robust Protection and Oversight

Under the LTI Data Shield Powered by XQ's Zero Trust Data approach, data remains trackable, controllable, and deletable, even after it leaves your network. Because data is secured on a per-packet basis, data remains secure and under your control even if your network, email, or drive doesn’t. Rely on Zero Trust Data for oversight and protection even where other services fail.


Meet HIPAA compliance requirements inside and outside your organization by encrypting and controlling PHI. Use LTI Data Shield Powered by XQ to send and intake HIPAA-compliant messages and attachments, engage in end-to-end encrypted chats, store and manage EHRs, transfer data via XQ’s gateway, intake sensitive information directly on your website, and even integrate functionality directly into patient management apps using easy SDKs. If your organization has unique needs, make use of our Policy Manager feature and implement custom and automatable data rules according to conditional logic.

Protect What Matters

While keeping private information private has always been important, HIPAA penalties mean protecting PHI is top of mind for many healthcare providers. LTI Data Shield Powered by XQ can alert users to data incidents, support remote data deletion, and enable users to modify data access anytime, anywhere. These features are proven to help limit the scope and seriousness of data loss incidents, reducing recovery costs and potential fines.

Support Patient Autonomy

Data revocation and oversight capabilities in healthcare settings play a crucial role in ensuring patient autonomy and self-determination over health data by allowing patients to give or withdraw consent, access, correct, and transfer their data. These processes promote privacy protection, transparency, and accountability while adhering to data minimization and purpose limitation principles. By fostering trust and empowering patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare and data management, LTI Data Shield Powered by XQ’s data revocation and oversight capabilities contribute to a more patient-centered healthcare system.

Future Proofing

In November 2022, the Department of Defense (DoD) published its Zero Trust Strategy and Roadmap. These documents publicly detail the DoD’s commitment to Zero Trust Data. While Zero Trust Data is not a HIPAA requirement today, the DoD’s move is an important signal to industries across the United States. The DoD is a leader in compliance and best practices. Regulatory frameworks tend to take direction from the organization. Thus, it is likely Zero Trust Data will soon begin appearing as a compliance requirement across frameworks.XQ is the first commercially available solution to provide a data solution aligned with the Zero Trust Data requirements outlined in the DoD’s Zero Trust Strategy. Adopting Zero Trust Data with XQ and LTI today is a smart move for healthcare organizations looking to future-proof their compliance.

Safe Harbor Law, XQ, and CMMC 2.0

In January 2021, the HITECH Act was amended, allowing the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights to exercise discretion in reducing financial penalties and the administrative burden of Corrective Action Plans for covered entities or business associates that experience security-related HIPAA violations despite implementing recognized security practices.

To be eligible for penalty relief, organizations must demonstrate at least twelve months of compliance with "Standards, guidelines, best practices, methodologies, procedures, and processes developed under section 2(c)(15) of the NIST Act, the approaches promulgated under section 405(d) of the 2015 Cybersecurity Act, and other programs that address cybersecurity and that are developed, recognized, or promulgated through regulations [...] consistent with the HIPAA Security Rule".

Achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is one straightforward way for covered entities and business associates to demonstrate adherence to a recognized security framework. While CMMC is intended for military contractors (including healthcare organizations with DoD contracts), it is based on NIST controls and shares many requirements with HIPAA and HITECH. Thus, fulfilling CMMC requirements may require only a few additional for many health care organizations.

By utilizing LTI and XQ organizations can comply with up to 79 of the 110 Level 2 CMMC 2.0 requirements. By working with LTI and XQ partners, organizations can meet all 110 requirements, insulate themselves against penalties, bolster their reputation, and even access opportunities in new markets.

The DoD's focus on Zero Trust Data and the HITECH Act's Safe Harbor provisions underscore the growing importance of implementing recognized security frameworks and advanced cybersecurity practices. As the regulatory and risk landscapes evolve, embracing Zero Trust Data solutions can help healthcare organizations stay ahead of the security curve and future-proof their compliance efforts. By leveraging LTI Data Shield Powered by XQ's Zero Trust Data, organizations can reduce compliance and data loss-related risks, protect sensitive health information, enhance patient autonomy, bolster their reputation, and even explore new market opportunities.

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