Deviceless Vitals App

AI-driven solution enables measurement of a wide range of health parameters using a smartphone or tablet

Measure a range of vitals with no need to rely on expensive medical devices or cloud servers.

An AI-driven, video-based solution that allows the measurement of health parameters using only the end-user's smartphone or tablet. 

Gather vital signs in real time while a patient waits for a provider to connect to a telehealth visit and ensure you have the data available that can identify triggers, thresholds, and risk factors. 

Range of BIomarkers

The Technology

Biomarker app and technology
Biomarker tech 1
Biomarker tech 2
Biomarker tech 3

The Portal

Our interoperable portal organizes data by the individual patient, creates outbound alerts based on client criteria, and if required, connects to other database products such as our LTI Telehealth Suite and TrustVideo Enterprise Software

The portal provides the ability for regular interaction with providers, notations for those interactions, and compiles them to into customized reports that include the time spent on such interactions and 'qualifies' each individual as to their compliance for RPM reimbursements. 

Vitals app portal