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Winner of The 2020 Zoom ISV Trailblazer Award

Dec 10th, 2020, Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc., a leader in customizable telehealth software and solutions, today  announces it is the recipient of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.’s global inaugural Trailblazer Award.

“It’s an absolute honor to be recognized by the premier video communications platform in the world as a trailblazer,” stated Art Cooksey, Founder/CEO of Let’s Talk Interactive. 

Let’s Talk Interactive creates custom, cutting-edge telemedicine solutions.

We see access to quality healthcare as a human right. Our mission is simple: provide Telehealth technology solutions that help providers offer access to quality healthcare coverage – regardless of local service levels – to eliminate gaps in the current system.


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How a Telehealth CEO Became an Advocate for Mental Health

August 09, 2021

Over two decades, Arthur Cooksey has built Let's Talk Interactive into a leading national developer of customizable telehealth software and solutions. But it began with two experiences that showed Cooksey the vital need for behavioral health counseling in places where there was little access to care.

Our Telehealth Platform Features

HIPAA & Security

Built to meet HIPAA and other security requirements.

Business Associate Agreement

A BAA is a contractual guarantee that we will safeguard your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) to HIPAA Technical Standards. Therefore, the legal liability from any improper handling of PHI on our part will be shifted from you, to us.


256-bit AES-encrypted signaling and media stream

256-bit SSL-encrypted administration

128-bit AES-encrypted full database encryption

Role-Based Security

Assign permissions to staff based on their role to ensure “minimum necessary” and appropriate access in accordance with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule.

Roles include: Account Administrator, Session Host, Clinical Supervisor, Scheduler and more.

Business Continuity

We’re here to support you for the long haul.

Multiplatform Support

Most Telemedicine videoconferencing platforms will offer you only one form of video, so what happens when that video vendor’s quality gets outdated? Or they’re found to be non-compliant? Or they go out of business? In any of these cases, you’re on a sinking ship. Our platform currently offers both Zoom and VSee, but more importantly we’ve built a solid platform that’s flexible on video engines and seamless to switch. We will always offer you the best technology available and make it easy to transition over.

Disaster Recovery

The two most important parameters in a DR plan is the Recovery Time Objective (which lets you know how long before service is restored) and the Recovery Point Objective (which designates the amount of data that may be lost or need re-entering). We are proud to offer an RTO of 10 minutes and an RPO of 1 minute.

Automatic Fail-Over

In the event of a disaster, we have a real-time automatic process that switches data handling to a standby server. In other words, we’re dedicated to providing you with flawless, uninterrupted service.

DDoS Protection

We use Cloudflare’s 15 Tbps network to protect us from Distributed Denial of Service attacks. As of 2018, that network capacity is more than 10x the size of the largest recorded DDoS in history.

Scheduling & Launching Sessions

We have built a simple, efficient process both for Users to schedule and launch Telehealth sessions, and for participants to join sessions. Our process works equally well in home and medical environments.


Users send session invitations, monitor for patient arrival, launch Telehealth sessions and more from their personalized dashboards.

Schedule on Behalf of Others

Users invite participants by email, text message, or by reading a unique 9-digit code over the phone. A complimentary Scheduler Role may also be used to schedule on behalf of another User.

Patient Facing Scheduler

Users can post their availability online so that current or prospective patients can request available slots. Users Accept (or Decline) the appointment request. Once the User accepts the request, the system automatically creates a Telehealth session and sends invites with the date and time to the requestor.

Provider Queueing

Organizations can create queues of providers that are available to respond to requests for service on an On-Demand basis. Medical staff that require services from a queued provider simply login and select “Consult Request” from the desired provider queue. All logged in providers receive a text message and/or email notification of the request. Once a provider “accepts” the consult request, the request is removed from the queue and the provider launches the session from their dashboard. This feature allows specialist providers (e.g. psychiatrists, interpreters, etc.) to offer services on-demand to hospitals, nursing homes, primary care clinics, etc.

Patient Queueing

With Patient Queueing, medical organizations can allow patients to request consults on-demand from a public-facing website or patient portal. All logged in providers receive the consult request and notifications are removed once a provider accepts the request. Additionally, organizations have the option to require payment before offering services. Patient queueing can revolutionize the way Urgent Care, Nurse Lines, and other clinics provide services and can create an additional revenue source.

Group Calls

Users can invite up to 299 other participants to a call with no loss in video quality.

Calendar Integration & Reminders

Session invitations can be added as appointments in Outlook, Google and other calendars. In addition, automatic reminders are sent to all participants before the start of the Telehealth session.

Account Tools

We view ourselves as partners supporting our customers’ practices. We make it easy to sign up and work with us – and you can cancel anytime. We offer tools to help you customize the platform to your needs and maximize your return on investment in your virtual office.


Customize your account by creating your own URL subdomain, adding your logo and changing system colors.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Request or require payment before a session begins using Stripe.

Usage Analytics

Keep track of your session history and view overall stats from your account. Usage activity can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file, and filtered by date, provider, or service type.

Secure Recordings

Customers have the option of locally recording sessions, which are then stored on the individuals own device. The recording feature is particularly useful for research and trainings.

Virtual Waiting Room

Patients who accept your session invitation are brought to your Virtual Waiting Room where they can RSVP the session, fill out documents, view meeting agendas, make payments and more.

Telehealth Use Case Studies

We support a wide variety of use cases. If you don’t see yours here, Contact Us to learn how our Telehealth platform can be configured to meet your needs.

Our clients love what we do

Bruce Buckley

We began working with Let’s Talk Interactive last year, and quickly formed an effective, dynamic partnership in better and more immediately connecting with the thousands of veterans that we serve annually, in a large geographic area, with a multitude of needs. We could not be where we are today, especially in the COVID-19 environment, without the Let’s Talk Interactive product, but most importantly the Let’s Talk Interactive staff, who have shown their commitment to fighting veteran homelessness.

—Bruce Buckley, CEO

Cliff Preston

LTI's platform has saved us. If we didn’t have this ability we would not be in business today. Instead of being out of business, we have grown.

—Cliff Preston, Dr. David Preston Center for Christian Counseling

AJ Smith

Using LTI’s telehealth portals has allowed us to help inmates who are suffering from addiction and receive services they otherwise could not receive in our small community.

—AJ Smith, Sherriff, Franklin County FL


Knowing our organizations limits and partnering with LTI helped us develop a web based solution with our strategic partnership that puts our organization ahead of the competition!


Kevin Cahill

The telehealth Let’s Talk Interactive platform is working. I can deliver effective therapy using this. My clients and I do not feel distant from each other in the least, which has been a fear expressed by some. The tool allows me to attach and engage clinically. Assessment, treatment planning and interventions are all easily accessible. Not only has my travel been cut down immensely, but I am able to see more clients a week and I have more energy.

—Kevin Cahill, Executive Director of Clinical Services

Civil Citation

LTI helped us turn our vision and design concept into a viable, ready for market, software solution within budget and timeframe!

—Civil Citation