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LTI Telehealth Medcart Software

LTI Telehealth Medcart Software
LTI Telehealth Medcart Software

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The Let's Talk Interactive Telehealth MedCart Software Clinic is the brain behind connecting telehealth MedCarts with our Provider Dashboard to create a custom telehealth solution.

It is both hardware and software agnostic, and it can be integrated into any system via API. The Telehealth MedCart Software manages the patient experience, prioritizing and escalating services to providers connected via Provider Dashboards, based on your custom workflow. In addition, the MedCart software has the ability to push live analytics like blood pressure, pulse oximetry, EKG, etc., and is compatible with many scopes such as Otoscopes and Dermascopes.

How this solution can benefit your organization

  • Maximize workforce productivity and safety
  • Custom workflow drives adoption
  • Ability to fit multiple use cases

What our clients like about this solution

  • Simple, intuitive user-interface
  • Provider ability to customize attachments based on needs
  • Remote specialist ability to support patients

Let's Talk Interactive hardware pairing

  • Kiosk
  • MedCart
  • Rugged Telehealth Kit