The pandemic saw the rise of remote mental healthcare. It may be here to stay

This article was orginally posted on World Economic Forum by Karen Epper Hoffman on May 22, 2024. Click here to read the original article.

Running a small mental-health practice isn’t easy. In addition to working directly with patients, there are invoices to send out, privacy laws to comply with, credentials to maintain, offices to manage, and administrative staff to pay—not to mention marketing strategies to develop if you want to grow your practice based on more than word-of-mouth. And now, with the rise of telehealth, there’s a whole new medium to consider. Though plenty of patients will no doubt resume in-person sessions when it’s safe for them to do so, online therapy isn’t going anywhere. The question for mental-health practitioners is how ready they are to not just “make do” with Skype and Zoom sessions, and instead capitalize on the full potential of the technology.

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