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Press Release: Ensure the Safety of Workers and Visitors with the LTI Tempscreen

Posted: junio 15, 2021

Charlotte, NC (June 15, 2021) - Let’s Talk Interactive (LTI), a leader in customizable, HIPAA-compliant telehealth software and hardware solutions, has launched the LTI Tempscreen, a safe, standalone check-in system providing health screening and identity verification.

The LTI Tempscreen allows workplaces to facilitate a safe environment for both employees and visitors and is ideal for post-pandemic access management. The touchscreen kiosk quickly verifies a user’s identity, measures body temperature and conducts a symptom screening questionnaire — freeing valuable staff time and reducing potentially unhealthy contacts. “It’s important for us as innovators to be promoting and normalizing the use of this technology in facilities around the country,” said Arthur Cooksey, CEO of LTI. “The LTI Tempscreen is easily deployable as both a permanent or temporary solution, and shows that companies are committed to protecting their workers and visitors from current and future threats.”

The LTI Tempscreen is available in three tiers: Base Tier, Base Tier Plus, and Premium Tier, all of which offer PHI/HIPAA compliance, identity verification, real-time alerts, basic reporting functions, and simple go or no-go temperature scanning.

The Base Tier is designed for healthcare workers and employees, offering basic reporting functionality and easy temperature screening plus verification capabilities. Users are able to use one token for identity verification and security (mobile phone, QR code, ID badge, etc.).

Base Tier Plus offers a greater degree of flexibility and is designed to accommodate both healthcare workers and visitors. Base Tier Plus includes all the Base Tier features including the use of multiple tokens for identity management and security, improved workflow management, the ability to print wristbands or badges for management and/or visitors, and enhanced real-time reporting.

Premium Tier offers full functionality and is designed to be integrated with existing back-end systems like access control, payroll, time clock, electronic medical records, and payment systems.

Visit the LTI Tempscreen product page for more information.