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How Much Does Telehealth Equipment Cost?

Posted: June 08, 2020

As businesses around the world implement new technologies, an increasing number of healthcare providers turn to telehealth as a convenient way to maintain communication with patients. In addition to allowing providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat more patients, telemedicine reduces the amount of money spent on payroll, utilities, and other costs associated with seeing patients in the office.

With the right telehealth solution, providers can leave the office early and continue seeing patients from the comfort of their homes. Shorter hours helps improve employee morale and productivity. Even if providers perform virtual visits in the office, they utilize their time more efficiently, allowing them to see more patients throughout the day. This can significantly increase the number of revenue opportunities for the practice.

Providers looking to implement new technology often worry about the costs involved. When it comes to telehealth, providers could benefit from looking at the potential cost savings prior to making a decision. Oftentimes, providers find that the potential cost savings and revenue opportunities of telemedicine outweigh the initial investment.

Determining the cost of telemedicine equipment depends on multiple factors. The needs and size of different organizations vary, as do the number of staff and clients using the system. While some patients might prefer to continue with telehealth after the pandemic, others may wish to return to in-person appointments. It’s important that providers consider all of these factors when deciding on a telehealth solution.

Telemedicine Kiosks Provide an Effective Telemedicine Solution

In addition to quality telemedicine software, organizations must determine the types of telehealth equipment needed to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat their patients. For example, hospitals and medical clinics may benefit from implementing telemedicine kiosks in their facilities. These kiosks allow patients to have a virtual visit with their provider, without having to come into direct contact with them. Depending on the needs of the medical facility, the telemedicine kiosk can store a variety of integrated devices and diagnostic tools including EKG, ultrasound, blood pressure monitors, and more. These tools allow providers to monitor patient vitals in real-time.

Telemedicine Carts Keep Everything Close At Hand

Another option medical facilities may choose to implement as part of their telehealth solution are telemedicine carts. These rolling carts hold everything the provider needs and can be used to record medical history and other relevant information. They can easily and securely transmit medical information as needed without leaving their patient waiting. When necessary, telemedicine carts allow providers to bring specialists or outside providers into the appointment via video conferencing software. This saves time and increases the level of care the patient receives.

Scalable Telemedicine Solutions Provide the Greatest Benefit

Determining which types of telehealth equipment and how much to purchase depends on the individual needs of the organization. It’s important to fully evaluate these needs prior to purchasing any telehealth equipment. Hospitals and healthcare providers can benefit from contacting an experienced telehealth solution provider.

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