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How To Choose The Right Telehealth Kiosk

Posted: June 09, 2021

Not all telehealth visits can be conducted via a computer or tablet inside your patient’s home. Sometimes, more is needed from a virtual visit. That’s where telehealth kiosks come in. They allow for enhanced telehealth visits in a wide array of locations, be it inside an office building, a pharmacy, a prison, or even your own healthcare facility.

A telehealth kiosk is a standalone and private, virtual exam room. They are outfitted with video capabilities and have storage space for all your electronic equipment like stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors. This electronic medical equipment allows you to take your patient’s vitals, listen to your patient’s heartbeat or breathing patterns, and even closely examine your patient’s ears, nose, throat, and body.

You may be surprised at the cost-effectiveness of telehealth kiosks. Many healthcare providers are finding that conducting visits this way is actually a bit cheaper than seeing patients in person. This makes sense as it takes less time to conduct a telehealth visit from a kiosk and it requires less (none) personnel to do so.

Here’s what you need to consider when you are looking for the right kiosk for your practice.

Patient Portal Integration

First and foremost, you want your kiosk to be fully integrate with your patient management software. Patient data collected during the visit should be able to be sent from the kiosk directly to your EMR. This kind of data includes all vitals taken such as height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels.

Stationary or Mobile?

When you are searching for your next telehealth kiosk, take a moment to consider how and where you will be using your kiosk. Will it be fixed in one location, with no plans to relocate? Then you will want to choose a stationary kiosk that is fixed to a tabletop or counter. Stationary kiosks are ideal for telehealth visits from locations such as a pharmacy or private office.

Do you need your kiosk to be easily accessible in a variety of locations? Then you need to choose a mobile kiosk. Mobility is ideal for transient locations such as out in the field in a rural community, or within unique locations such as a jail or prison.

ADA Compliance

When you take the time to make your telehealth kiosk accessible to all your patients, you will boost your patient satisfaction score. The best way to do this is by making your kiosk ADA (American Disability Association) compliant, which means your kiosks are available to your patients in wheelchairs. Luckily, there are plenty of kiosk options that can be mounted to a table or counter that is at average sitting height.

Let’s Talk Interactive offers several telehealth kiosk options. Contact us today to inquire about kiosk solutions and installation.