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Let’s Talk Interactive Debuts New Telehealth Solutions at ATA2022

Posted: April 30, 2022

Let’s Talk Interactive, a leading telehealth solutions provider, today announces it will be exhibiting new telehealth solutions at ATA2022, the American Telemedicine Association’s (ATA) 26th Annual Conference and Expo, May 1-3 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Let’s Talk Interactive will promote the launch of TrustVideo, its next-generation enterprise telehealth solution, and IOFX, a new 3D printing and additive manufacturing solution, as well as new service offerings and product innovations at booth #1520. Additionally, founder and CEO Arthur Cooksey will join a panel discussion on Sunday, May 1, at 10:50 a.m. titled “School-based Telemental Health: Supporting Students with Access to Care.”

“At Let’s Talk Interactive, we continue to break the mold of what telehealth functionality will look like now, and in the future. We’re excited to give ATA2022 attendees a sneak peek of those innovations,” said Arthur Cooksey, founder and CEO of Let’s Talk Interactive. “With more than 20 years of telehealth industry experience, we’re confident our solutions will enable our partners to make care more accessible than it ever has been before.”

“Let’s Talk Interactive continues to build a global platform that brings consistent quality healthcare, confidentiality, and security to all,” says Kathy Ireland, Chair and CEO of kathy ireland® Worldwide and an LTI board member. “Through our shared values, commitment, collaboration, and innovation, we aim to continue to develop solutions that expand equal access to quality physical and mental healthcare,” adds Ms. Ireland, who is named by UCLA as one of the Top 10 Women’s Health Advocates in the country.

TrustVideo - A next-generation enterprise solution

TrustVideo has the functionality of a complete modern healthcare ecosystem that drives utilization and improves access to care. Designed for enterprise health systems, the robust telehealth platform serves any medical use case and integrates seamlessly with any electronic health record (EHR). The interface is user-friendly for both the patient and provider.

TrustVideo users have unlimited licenses at no additional cost. Unique solutions such as medcart software, virtual clinic and on-demand queuing are included in the TrustVideo platform. Users also have access to custom hardware solutions, provider networks and secure web development from Let’s Talk Interactive.

Telemedicine Software and Service Enhancements
In addition to TrustVideo, Let’s Talk Interactive’s new and improved medcart software features include direct integration with the vitals monitor API and the ability for users to save images both during the session and saved in TrustVideo to be pushed to an EHR. Users can also store all bioanalytics on the session automatically and have the bioanalytics pushed to the EHR.

Let’s Talk Interactive is also expanding its patient acquisition services, including HIPAA compliant software and web development, patient portal creation and SEO services for healthcare systems.

3D Printing and Manufacturing

Let’s Talk Interactive will launch its 3D printing and additive manufacturing brand, IOFX, to support advances in healthcare. A new, custom 3D printer will be on display in booth #1520 that will enable organizations to innovate in-house, streamline processes, develop prototypes and expedite custom clinical solutions. IOFX’s initial focus is on designing and printing medical devices and prostheses, as well as custom foam solutions for telehealth hardware development and protection.

Custom Hardware
Let’s Talk Interactive will debut three new telehealth hardware innovations.

The new Premier Tabletop Kiosk is lightweight with a small footprint. Designed and built in the U.S., the kiosk is customized for medical use cases with a lockable storage compartment, external power button, 4-port USB hub with cable management, and powered by a micro form factor PC. An adjustable screen with tilt capability enables the device to work well on countertops of any height, with the option to bolt down the kiosk. The system boasts two forms of connectivity with a built-in wifi booster to ensure a strong wireless signal and a built-in external LAN port for hard-lined connections.

A new and improved Soft Telemedicine Kit is designed for mobile telehealth applications to improve the level of care in a variety of use case settings. LTI’s lightweight, non-powered soft kit provides facilities with a simple and effective approach, allowing configuration for in-home care or physician consultation. High-density custom-designed 3D printed foam inserts securely house chosen technology or diagnostic devices and offer multiple storage pockets to accommodate multiple configurations.

Let’s Talk Interactive is taking medcart customization to a new level. The integration of all-in-one PCs allow users to incorporate new features onto their carts such as “hotswap” battery power versus chargeable stations. For example, LTI’s carts now come with options such as electronic and manual lift, and an option of integrated battery-powered, non-powered, or hot-swappable batteries. 

All hardware is compatible with LTI’s telehealth software which is an open platform that works on any monitor or operating system.