Let’s Talk Interactive Featured in Forbe’s Article: A Personalized, Interactive K-12 Education Powered By The 5G Era

Let’s Talk Interactive was recently featured in the Forbe’s article “A Personalized, Interactive K-12 Education Powered By The 5G Era.“ The article focuses on the changes happening to the education system brought on by technology and 5G networks. Also discussed were the changes to student’s access to healthcare in schools through telemedicine technology.

Let’s Talk Interactive designed telemedicine kiosks for the state of Florida in 63 public schools in Northwest Florida to provide mental health services to students still recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Art Cooksey, founder and CEO of Let’s Talk Interactive stated “Think of it like a highly sophisticated video call with a mental health provider, where the parent or guardian is able to be a part of the conversation from their cellphone.”

Improved access to healthcare through in-school telemedicine could boost student achievement. Let’s Talk Interactive is a complete end-to-end Telehealth solutions provider, arming medical and behavioral health professionals with cutting-edge Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) video conferencing software, kiosks, medical carts, network solutions, virtual clinics, and safe and secure online video conferencing.

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