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Let's Talk Interactive telehealth tech recognized among top medical breakthroughs of 2019

Posted: December 05, 2019

Best Life magazine outlined life-alternating and life-saving medical breakthroughs in 2019. They range from pills for peanut allergies to 3D-printed hearts, and the combination of policy and technology working together to improve telemental health.

Our partner, Dr. Mehra, shared his thoughts about these advancements, as well as telehealth efforts in Florida schools.

"The growth of telehealth in the mental health space is a relatively simple, innovative, cost-effective, and practical way to address the epidemic of rising mental health concerns," Rahul Mehra, MD, explains. In July 2019, his organization, the National Center for Performance Health (NCPH), established eCARE4KIDS, a telecounseling program serving public school children in Florida.

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