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LTI's Meet the Team Series: Jason Lee, Chief Technology Officer

Posted: December 27, 2021

As the Chief Technology Officer at Let’s Talk Interactive, Jason Lee is responsible for building out the firm’s development wing, overseeing all software development projects, innovations, and managing the development team and partners.

Let’s get to know Jason.

You recently spoke at Zoomtopia among a massive audience of fellow developers. What was that like?

Speaking at Zoomtopia was a rewarding experience. I was able to share our technology and SDK innovations while tying them back to the need -- which is ultimately providing better access to quality healthcare. We value our partnership with Zoom and are honored to have been selected for the opportunity.

With that in mind, what is your all-time favorite Zoom background?

The Brady Bunch.

Where are you based? And what is your favorite activity to do there (restaurant, site to see, adventure to take?)

I live in Raleigh, NC. My favorite activity is Curling at Triangle Curling Club.

Fun Fact?

Prior to my role at LTI, I moved my family to the Virgin Islands and worked remotely for a year. This was before the pandemic and remote work was popular. I highly recommend people consider doing this at some point in their lives.

How long have you been a member of the LTI team?

I joined the team in 2018. I’m grateful that I joined well before COVID-19 so that I was able to help position LTI as a valuable resource during the pandemic.

How did you get connected with LTI?

I owned a development company and began my relationship with LTI as a contractor. After realizing the growth opportunity and impact we could have on improving people’s lives, I decided to join the team full time.

Why do you believe in LTI's mission (making quality healthcare accessible for all)?

On-demand access to healthcare is one of the most important services a community can provide. I’m lucky enough to be part of building an amazing company while at the same time helping thousands of people receive care on a daily basis. It doesn’t get any more rewarding than that!

What is your biggest accomplishment with LTI?

I am proud to have led the initial development on what turned into LTI’s core telemedicine product today. This is the foundation - and we ended up getting global recognition for it from Zoom.

How is LTI shaping the future of healthcare?

We’re streamlining the connection between patients and providers. We’re removing the barriers of location, and the requirement for brick-and-mortar facilities.

We’re lowering the cost of healthcare and increasing the quality of life for 10’s of thousands of people on a daily basis. And we’ll continue to innovate to make even more services previously thought not applicable to telemedicine into a reality.