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LTI’s Meet the Team Series: Michael Harden

Posted: March 24, 2021

We’re excited to launch our new Meet the Team blog series with a Q&A with Michael Harden, a longtime LTI board member and sought-after executive coach with The Clarity Group based in Washington DC. Michael brings decades of experience to clients, helping them grow and develop into strong guides and guardians for their organizations.

How long have you been a Board member of LTI?

I’ve been a Board Member since the firm was founded. I met Art when he was developing a business plan for LTI and putting together a corporate structure and possible capital raise. I was excited to be a mentor and coach for Art as LTI got off the ground as a formal telehealth solutions company.

Why do you believe in LTI's mission?

I believe too many people are deprived of necessary health care and mental health care--either because it's too far away or too difficult to get to (particularly in rural areas). And in today’s world, we are impacted by COVID restrictions which are making it even more difficult (or potentially unsafe) to visit a medical professional.

Telehealth solves these issues in many cases, providing necessary and important physical and mental health services by professionals. LTI is a key player in this field, and I'm proud of the work that has been done by LTI to help so many patients access the quality care they need and deserve.

How has telehealth impacted you personally?

I have had numerous telehealth sessions to review tests and discuss outcomes and therapies. I have had general discussions with specialists about my personal healthcare needs. All of these experiences have allowed me to access the support I need, when I need it, in the comfort and safety of my own home.

How is LTI shaping the future of healthcare?

LTI is a pioneer in telehealth and has been for more than two decades. By providing easy-to-implement and easy-to-use technology, LTI delivers the important healthcare services that patients need.

Art and his team are truly at the forefront of developing new equipment and custom platforms and services as security and healthcare requirements change and technology advances. LTI is extending healthcare to tens of thousands of patients with millions of telehealth minutes used per month whose needs might not have been addressed or satisfied without LTI's technology--from veterans to students, behavioral health patients, emergency management technicians, foster care families, and more.