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LTI's Meet the Team Series: Frank Vitello, Board of Directors

Posted: July 08, 2021

Frank Vitello sits on the Board of Let's Talk Interactive and is the founder and president of Vitello Consulting, which was named among the top 50 performing lobbying firms in Washington DC for 2020 by Bloomberg Government.

Frank routinely provides strategic and business counsel to a wide net of clients whose interests intersect with the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, foreign governments, and international regulatory organizations. He has successfully led legislative and policy efforts at the federal and state level, managed issue campaigns nationally and locally, has aided clients with new ventures and acquisitions, market penetration, and in developing branding and partnering opportunities.

How long have you been a board member of LTI? 

 I came on board in 2018.

Why do you believe in LTI's mission?

I absolutely love LTI. From the first conversations I had with Art, LTI's founder, back in 2018, I completely understood his vision and knew the timing was perfect for this technology to really take off.

On the business side, I have enjoyed watching our leadership team grow as executives and the company really spread its wings and embrace the moment. There is no doubt that COVID put telehealth on a faster track than would have been expected otherwise, but make no mistake, our successes are the result of the passion and sweat equity of our leadership and staff.

On the public health and policy front, telehealth is a game-changer in terms of access and bridging inequalities when it comes to care. It’s truly transformative and such a thrill to be associated with LTIs successes.

How has telehealth impacted you personally?

I have always had an affinity for technology, but over the past year, I really appreciated the benefits of telehealth. It is now my preferred method for visiting with my primary physician and if I’m being candid, I really benefited during COVID quarantine from being able to talk with my therapist via telehealth.

It is so exciting to see telehealth now being employed in schools, for example, and particularly with respect to mental health, where access can be really challenging otherwise.

How is LTI shaping the future of healthcare?

LTI is unquestionably a leader in the telehealth space. If you talk with Art, you’ll come to realize that the LTI platform is something that he’s been working on for decades. It’s literally a convergence of need and technology that has finally caught up to Art’s vision. Because we write the software and are able to custom-build platforms to accommodate the needs of the end user, we are really worlds apart from our competitors. 

I’ve audited a few of our meetings with prospective clients and it's absolutely amazing to hear their feedback regarding our capabilities versus others in this space that sought after their business.