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LTI's Meet the Team Series: Matt Robinson, Operations Manager

Posted: July 27, 2021

Matt Robinson oversees and manages the daily operations of LTI’s sales, support, training and implementation, and vendor relations. He’s been with LTI for over two years, and prior to that was a partner of ours who implemented LTI’s telehealth platform within a Behavioral Health organization in Florida.

Although Matt’s favorite Zoom background is the Beach, he is based in Thomasville, Georgia where he enjoys time outdoors fishing, hunting and knife forging.

How did you get connected with LTI?

I was actually a customer of LTI’s and working in Behavioral Health. Together with LTI and NWF Health Network (formerly BBCBC), we focused on the implementation of the school telehealth program for First Lady Casey Desantis’s Hope for Healing Mental Health Initiative.

Why do you believe in LTI's mission (making quality healthcare accessible for all)?

LTI puts customer service and support above all else. I see the constant development and updates to our software, the ongoing accessibility of our product and how the success of the customer is always at the forefront.

We exist to make healthcare accessible and we do that by making it easy and seamless for the provider to reach more people.

What is your biggest accomplishment with LTI?

I oversaw the implementation and expansion of the Florida School Telehealth Project. What began in six counties in North Florida, we have now expanded into a total of 13 counties across the state. Because of this project we have also brought in a majority of the behavioral healthcare providers throughout the state.

How has telehealth impacted you personally?

I implemented LTI’s telehealth platform within the Behavioral Health organization I worked in prior. It decreased our no-show rate, improved the quality of our sessions, increased billable services by decreasing travel time and reimbursement. It has become very fulfilling to see the impact telehealth has on the lives of the end user (patients, clients, consumers, and more).

How is LTI shaping the future of healthcare?

LTI brings a customizable solution allowing healthcare organizations to implement their brick and mortar workflow, virtually. This provides increased access to patients and provides flexibility to providers. Creating a seamless and robust platform reduces stress on the provider and in turn improves the quality of care being provided.