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LTI’s Meet the Team Series: Steve Vancore, PR & Strategy Partner in Florida

Posted: June 02, 2021

Steve Vancore is the president of VancoreJones Communications. A strategic partner of Let’s Talk Interactive, Steve has been instrumental in helping to grow our presence throughout the state of Florida.

For more than four decades, Steve has been involved in scores of government affairs and communications campaigns in Florida and has been named one of the most influential voices in Florida politics three times. Steve serves as an adjunct professor at the Florida State University’s Masters of Applied American Politics & Policy (MAAPP) program and co-hosts a regional television show called The Usual Suspects.

How long have you been a strategic partner of LTI?

I have been a strategic partner for over years.

Why do you believe in LTI's mission?

My journey with LTI began with an impossible project to expand mental health access to rural communities in a stretch of counties across north Florida that had been devastated by a category 5 hurricane.

LTI did the impossible and was able to deliver mental health kiosks into scores of rural schools in a matter of days. It was an incredible success and as a direct result of their miracle, hundreds of children were given access to badly-needed mental health services that they could not otherwise have access to. I was an instant believer!

How has telehealth impacted you personally?

I have long worked in the rural reaches of north Florida and know first-hand how difficult access to all sorts of social services can be for these families. To see a new technology deployed in this manner gave me hope that recovery for these families is on the way. By helping to close the mental health access gap, I know we can begin moving our community forward. That gives me a great sense of personal pride.

How is LTI shaping the future of healthcare?

It took a pandemic to move forward a technology that had been years in the making. As we became more isolated yet also become more comfortable with web-based interfaces – “Zoom calls” if you will – the public quickly became more accustomed to telehealth. LTI is stepping up to fill the void and doing so in a way that will transform access to physicians, counselors and other medical professionals. This is one of the few good things to arise out of the COVID crisis and it is nice to know that LTI is leading the way.

Anything you’d like to add that we can work into the blog post?

As a professional communicator, it is gratifying to have a client and a partner that is so effectively making life better for so many people. I would never have thought that working for a provider like LTI could have so much deep and personal meaning. I often find myself bragging about their work during social gatherings.