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Nurses’ Role in Telemedicine

Posted: February 17, 2021

As technology evolves, so do the ways in which people connect. In addition to increased use of smart phones and computers, video conferencing has become extremely common in recent years. Using a secure video conferencing platform, individuals can conduct virtual meetings and host a variety of events. Through video conferencing technology, patients can receive quality care without ever having to leave their home or office.

Telemedicine has proven especially beneficial over the past few months. Telehealth allows providers to prevent the spread of disease and keep hospital beds free for those that really need them.

What is Telenursing?

Telenursing involves the use of telecommunications technology to provide nursing care to patients. Nurses also use telemedicine to provide case management to doctors, hospital administrators, and other providers. Instead of completing tasks from an office or hospital, telenursing allows nurses to provide care from their home, call center, or other location.

Depending on the experience of the nurse and the type of practice, nurses may take on a variety of different roles in telemedicine. Nurses often provide patient education, counseling, and care. They may also provide remote patient monitoring (RPM) services. These regular, virtual appointments help track and monitor patients with chronic conditions.

Much like in a traditional office or hospital setting, nurses often provide the initial evaluation during a telemedicine visit. Through telemedicine software and devices, nurses can determine whether patients require additional care. Depending on the symptoms of the patient, nurses can schedule tests or an in-person visit from their telehealth platform.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine allows providers to evaluate and treat patients in rural and remote areas. This increases accessibility to care and improves outcomes for highly vulnerable communities. Telehealth provides patients with faster access to a variety of healthcare providers.

Through a secure telehealth platform, patients can connect with specialists without having to travel to their physical location. Telemedicine also reduces the number of hours providers must work. Instead of working the traditional 9am-5pm shift, providers can work when their patients are available. This reduces the number of no shows and missed appointments.

Future of Healthcare

Recent events have highlighted the importance of telemedicine. In addition to reducing the spread of disease, telemedicine has been critical in the evaluation and treatment of patients in rural areas. Providers that do not adopt a telehealth solution may soon find it difficult to retain their clients.

As healthcare changes and providers implement new telemedicine solutions, the role of nurses in telehealth will change. It’s likely that nurses will take on more responsibilities. Nurses experienced with telehealth technology will be critical to a provider’s ability to offer quality care.

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