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How the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Benefits Telemedicine

Although telemedicine continues to gain popularity across the United States, the state medical licensing system prevents most doctors from providing care across state lines. This creates problems, as one of the major benefits of telemedicine is the ability to provide care regardless of patient geographic location. In order to fully realize the benefits of telehealth, providers must be able to offer their services to patients all over the United States.

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Does Insurance Pay for Telehealth?

In recent months, providers around the globe have turned to telehealth as a safe and effective way to continue caring for patients during the global pandemic. While most patients appreciate the convenience and accessibility of telemedicine, it’s not uncommon for them to worry about insurance reimbursement.

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Who is Eligible for Telehealth?

As more patients and providers utilize telehealth to give and receive care, accessibility and affordability of telehealth increases. During the global pandemic, telehealth has allowed patients to connect with providers over a secure Internet connection, eliminating contact, and preventing the spread of disease. Telemedicine has also made it possible for providers to connect with patients in remote and rural locations. Without this valuable service, patients in these areas might not receive care.

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How Much Does Telehealth Equipment Cost?

As businesses around the world implement new technologies, an increasing number of healthcare providers turn to telehealth as a convenient way to maintain communication with patients. In addition to allowing providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat more patients, telemedicine reduces the amount of money spent on payroll, utilities, and other costs associated with seeing patients in the office.

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Top 10 Benefits of Telehealth for Patients and Doctors

Technology enables people to connect in ways never possible before. In addition to email and social media, technology makes it possible for healthcare providers to offer quality services to individuals, regardless of their geographical location in the world. Using a telehealth platform, doctors can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without requiring them to visit a medical facility. This offers numerous benefits to both patients and doctors.

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How to Become a Telemedicine Provider

Telemedicine provides a convenient option for providers and their patients. Telemedicine allows providers to see more patients in a shorter amount of time. It also reduces no-show rates, improves outcomes, enables early detection of a wide range of diseases, and increases the quality of care providers are able to give. With so many benefits, it should come as no surprise that healthcare providers around the world are starting to offer telehealth solutions to their clients.

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What Happens During a Telemedicine Visit?

In order to help slow the spread of disease, several healthcare providers have begun offering virtual visits using a telemedicine platform. Telemedicine uses video conferencing and special software to allow providers to see and hear their patients without coming into direct contact with them. This method protects both the provider and the patient from infectious disease like COVID-19.

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Why Having a Secure Telehealth Platform is Important

Organizations and individuals around the world are struggling to figure out how to stay connected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For healthcare providers and patients, staying connected while observing social distancing creates unique challenges. While both patients and healthcare providers understand the need for accessible healthcare during this difficult time, seeing patients in person isn’t always possible or the best option.

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What I learned by NOT recognizing and treating my PTSD symptoms

As our healthcare heroes experience trauma on the front lines of COVID-19, former Head Psychiatric Nurse, FBI Profiler and LTI Board Member, Candice DeLong, shares her story. Back in the 70s when I was a young and inexperienced psychiatric nurse, I made a major mistake that has impacted me to this day—