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ATA2022: Shaping the Future of Virtual Care

Posted: April 20, 2022

While change has always been constant in healthcare, few of us could have predicted the rate of change we have seen in the past two years. And with change comes even more questions. What will healthcare look like in the next decade? How can we make sure it moves in ways that improve care for patients and providers? Two things are clear – virtual care is a critical element in the future of healthcare, and we must ALL join the conversation to make sure that high quality telehealth services are available to everyone who needs them. That’s one reason why ATA2022 – the ATA’s 26th Annual Conference & Expo – is one of the world’s most important events for leaders and innovators in healthcare and technology. ATA2022 will be held May 1-3, 2022 in Boston, MA. Providers, technology developers, leaders in patient advocacy and engagement, and other changemakers from across the healthcare sector will be joining together for an in-depth, thoughtful, critical discussion about the future of virtual care.

The ATA2022 meeting brings important news and networking opportunities to everyone working in healthcare and technology:

  • More than 100 educational sessions and research-based presentations on topics ranging from the latest advances in technology to understanding trends in patient engagement.

  • Opportunities to hear from and connect with experts in every area of virtual health.

  • Nonstop opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions to share best practices.

  • Presentations from exhibitors showcasing the latest industry innovations, technology applications and products.

For all of us, the effort to support access to virtual care is essential to make sure patients have access to the highest quality care.

Let's Talk Interactive has been bringing people access to care for more than 20 years. Through telehealth solutions, we're making an impact at schools, universities, correctional facilities, community centers, assisted living facilities, healthcare centers and more.  

We're thrilled that the move towards telehealth appears permanent, as the benefits from telehealth have the opportunity to continue to support more lives in meaningful ways. Along with the rise in telehealth usage and incentives to leverage the technology, we’re expecting to see a rise in other areas, including the impact it has on communities, regulatory reform, and investment in continuous innovation.

Among the many ways telehealth is being leveraged is to provide increased patient access to healthcare such as among rural underserved areas and with remote patient monitoring. The technology’s ability to reach underserved communities has exceeded expectations. We deployed telehealth kiosks and portals in many Florida schools in 2019, addressing a shortage in rural mental health services by connecting students with mental health providers. LTI also partnered with the Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition (NUIHC) to provide continuity of behavioral health and substance abuse care when the pandemic closed its facilities. Telehealth’s adaptability also serves populations unlikely to seek in-office care because of work hours and job culture; for example, LTI currently provides telemedicine to more than 3,500 career, volunteer, and retired firefighters in Florida’s Panhandle region.

With a push to increase coverage of telehealth, and greater provider and patient acceptance, telemedicine is poised to expand significantly.

Be a part of ATA2022!

Our CEO and founder, Art Cooksey, is joining a panel discussion at ATA2022 on Sunday morning called School-based Telemental Health: Supporting Students with Access to Care.
Learn more about the session and register to attend:

There are many issues that are affecting future opportunities for both telehealth providers and users, and we encourage you to take part in the important discussions taking place at ATA2022 this year. Together we can work to make sure that more patients have access to the virtual care services they need and that regulations and guidelines support access as effectively as possible.

For information about ATA2022 including how to register, visit We look forward to seeing you in Boston!