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Supporting Communities in California

Posted: January 23, 2023

For the past two decades, our mission at Let’s Talk Interactive has been to connect people with mental health support no matter where they are located.

Our hearts are heavy after the tragic shootings in California on Saturday night and early this week. As we keep the families, first responders, and the entire Monterey Park and San Francisco Bay communities in our hearts and prayers, we also believe in taking action to make virtual care accessible right away.

We want to help bridge the gap between the families and the first responders who are in need of mental health support and the providers who are ready and able to treat them. And ultimately bring all families access to mental health support to help prevent these tragedies from occurring.

Here are links to resources we have access to that can support those impacted:

Provider Networks – expanding access to mental health providers serving California

First Responder program - bringing immediate access to support provided by trauma-informed professionals

We have experience innovating and developing programs that have brought virtual care to people in need following tragic events. For example, more than 300 children in the Florida Panhandle were awaiting mental health evaluation and assessment following Hurricane Michael. We equipped Florida to provide remote mental health services via telehealth kiosks and portals. Working with regional healthcare organizations, Let's Talk Interactive's technology facilitated thousands of sessions for these students who needed mental, acute, and emergency care.

We are here and we are ready to serve. Please reach out to us if you’re looking for a partner to help unify efforts to support California.