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Top 10 Benefits of Telehealth for Patients and Doctors

Posted: June 01, 2020

Technology enables people to connect in ways never possible before. In addition to email and social media, technology makes it possible for healthcare providers to offer quality services to individuals, regardless of their geographical location in the world. Using a telehealth platform, doctors can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without requiring them to visit a medical facility. This offers numerous benefits to both patients and doctors.

Although telehealth has been around for quite some time, it’s become more common in recent months. As doctors and other healthcare providers look for new ways to connect with patients, an increasing number are turning to telehealth solutions to provide their clients with a HIPAA-compliant alternative to in-person appointments.

Understanding Telehealth

Telehealth utilizes digital information and telecommunications technologies to connect patients and doctors remotely. Patients can access telehealth services from their home or office. Similarly, doctors and other healthcare providers can provide care to patients from any location in the world.

Although doctors can use a variety of telecommunication platforms to connect with patients, it’s important that both patient and doctor ensure the protection of sensitive information. Utilizing a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform ensures patient information remains protected.

Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth makes healthcare more accessible to people around the world. It has the potential to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare patients receive. When practiced regularly, telehealth may make it possible to better monitor patients suffering from chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. By making healthcare more accessible, patients are far more likely to attend regular appointments. This allows healthcare providers to evaluate and monitor patient health closely and catch potential problems sooner.

Below details the top ten benefits of telehealth for doctors and patients.

  1. Less Exposure to Illness
    Doctors and other healthcare providers can minimize their exposure to infectious diseases by connecting with clients through a secure telehealth platform. This benefits patients as well. Telemedicine allows doctors to diagnose patients and prescribe treatment without risking their health or safety.

  2. More Flexibility
    Telehealth allows doctors and patients to connect from any location. This provides a much more flexible and convenient option. Thanks to the unique nature of telehealth, providers can schedule appointments during hours that best suit the needs of both themselves and their patients.

  3. Increased Revenue Potential
    Telehealth enables healthcare providers to see more patients in less time, making them more productive and increasing revenue potential.

  4. Fewer No-Shows
    From flat tires to lack of childcare, patients have several reasons why they miss their scheduled in-office appointments. Telehealth allows patients to receive care from their home, significantly reducing the amount of no-shows and missed appointments.

  5. Better Quality of Care
    Telehealth increases the availability of healthcare to individuals suffering from physical or mental illness. Through evaluation via telehealth, healthcare providers can ensure only patients that require direct medical supervision reach the hospitals, reducing burden on hospital staff and ensuring all patients receive the quality care they deserve.

  6. Gives Medical Facilities a Competitive Advantage
    A convenient and affordable option, telehealth solutions increase the value medical facilities can offer their patients.

  7. Streamlined Payment Collection
    Telehealth makes it possible for providers to offer more payment options and collect payment prior to providing services.

  8. Higher Retention and Referral Rate
    Telehealth allows providers to see more patients throughout the day. It also allows patients to continue seeing their doctor if they move. This helps improve client satisfaction and increases the chance of referrals.

  9. Cost Efficient
    Telehealth allows providers to save money while saving time.

  10. Increased Worker Satisfaction
    As more people make the switch to telehealth, offices become less crowded. This means less stress for employees.

Let’s Talk Interactive offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth solutions for healthcare providers. Please contact us for more information.