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Premium Rugged Telemedicine Kit

The LTI's Premium Rugged Telemedicine Kit (RTK) brings a new dimension to providing telemedicine to the patient in austere environments.

RTK is a fully mobile telemedicine platform with a built in military-grade ruggedized tablet with readable glove capable Gorilla Glass for video conferencing in any condition. Network connectivity is achieved using a Cradlepoint connection for 3G/4G/LTE or built in WiFi.

RTK is ideal for these scenarios: • Emergency Response • Disaster Relief • Homebased Patient Care • Rural Healthcare Outreach

Compatible devices include: • TotalExam® 3 Camera • Horus Ophthalmoscope • PCP-USB Stethoscope • ClearProbe Ultrasound

*RTK stores an array of cameras and medical devices in a rugged, impact-, dust-, and weather-resistant rolling case.

*Medical Devices are NOT included in price below*

$16718.00 usd

Premium RTK