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Bringing Hope to Jorge in Boqueron

Posted: February 07, 2022

Following our “Bringing Hope to Boqueron” effort this past December, we are thrilled to share an update on Jorge Ivan. Jorge, a resident of Boqueron, has brain paralysis and is a quadriplegic. His mother explained how hard it is for the family to take Jorge to doctor’s appointments because of his mobility issues and their challenging location high up on a mountain with no access to a car.

Monica Boada, LTI’s VP of Global Business Development, met Jorge and his family while helping lead the volunteer effort in Boqueron and wanted to help Jorge and his family. She connected with Santiago Botero, CEO of Finsocial and founder of Fundacion Finsocial. Santiago and his team at Fundacion Finsocial were able to donate a wheelchair for Jorge, which was delivered to him this week.

The new, properly fitted wheelchair will enable Jorge to sit down and spend the day in a comfortable setting. This will also allow his family to be able to move him around much easier - drastically improving his quality of life. 

In the video, Jorge's mother gives thanks to LTI's team and to Fundación Finsocial.  She says the wheelchair fits Jorge perfectly and they would have never been able to have this if it wasn't for our support.