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How To Grow Your Practice With Telehealth

Are you worried about the effectiveness of telehealth? Not sure if it’s worth implementing into your practice? Take this statistic into consideration - in March of 2020, as the Coronavirus pandemic was just being declared as a pandemic, only 13% of members of the American Association of Family Physicians offered telehealth. By May of 2020, that number had grown to 94%. That's a sharp increase of 81% in just two months. If you do not currently offer a telehealth program, it’s safe to say you are behind the times.

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Press Release: LTI Partners with Three-12 to Bring Telehealth to Schools in Midwest

Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc. (LTI), a leader in customizable telehealth solutions, today announces a partnership with Three-12 Solutions, a provider of customized IT solutions across the business, education and government sectors. The partnership combines LTI’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth software and hardware with Three-12’s custom IT solutions, enabling schools, universities and colleges of all sizes to offer affordable telehealth solutions that benefit the students and their families.

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What are the Telehealth Hardware Requirements?

Looking to kickstart telehealth visits in your healthcare practice? It’s a great first step towards expanding your care network and is absolutely essential during a healthcare crisis. There are five hardware requirements you need to fulfill before you launch your telehealth coverage. These requirements include a secure internet connection, a video platform, proper tech support, video recording capabilities, and telehealth peripherals that will assist you in your virtual patient visits.

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LTI’s Meet the Team Series: Michael Harden

We’re excited to launch our new Meet the Team blog series with a Q&A with Michael Harden, a longtime LTI board member and sought-after executive coach with The Clarity Group based in Washington DC. Michael brings decades of experience to clients, helping them grow and develop into strong guides and guardians for their organizations.

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Growing Your Business with Let’s Talk Interactive’s Reseller Program

As an increasing number of patients turn to telehealth services to receive care, providers require a dependable and affordable telehealth solution. Depending on the type of practice and the services offered, providers may need a variety of different tools and software modifications. Organizations and entrepreneurs wishing to grow their business could benefit from partnering with an established telehealth solution provider.

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Telehealth is Increasing Access to Mental Health

Using a secure telehealth platform, providers can evaluate, diagnose, and treat a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. While telehealth technology has been used for many years, only recently have providers realized the benefits of telehealth for treating mental and behavioral conditions.

Telehealth Nursing

What is Telehealth Nursing?

A convenient option for giving and receiving care, telehealth services have grown in popularity over recent months. Although telehealth has been around for quite some time, the public health emergency has brought to light the importance of social distancing and increasing access to quality care. Telehealth makes it possible for providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a variety of conditions without coming into direct contact with the patient.

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2020 Was a Record-Setting Year for Telehealth Investments and Transactions

Over the past few years, an increasing number of people have turned to telehealth to connect with their provider. Telehealth enables providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions without having to come into direct contact with patients. This has proven especially beneficial during the pandemic, as providers look for ways to prevent the spread of disease.

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Nurses’ Role in Telemedicine

As technology evolves, so do the ways in which people connect. In addition to increased use of smart phones and computers, video conferencing has become extremely common in recent years. Using a secure video conferencing platform, individuals can conduct virtual meetings and host a variety of events. Through video conferencing technology, patients can receive quality care without ever having to leave their home or office.

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The Benefits of Telehealth Leasing and Financing

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout the country, an increasing number of healthcare providers are relying on telehealth to keep both staff and patients safe. Using a secure telehealth platform, providers can evaluate, diagnose, and treat a variety of chronic and acute conditions and assess patients-- all at a safe distance to determine whether additional intervention is required.