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Press Release: Let's Talk Interactive's Rugged Telehealth Kits Deliver On-the-Spot Medical Care in a Disaster Zone

Posted: May 19, 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 18, 2021 ( - Hurricane season starts June 1, and all six pre-season forecasts to date predict an above-average season in 2021 with a nearly 70% chance of a major hurricane landfall along the United States coastline. Let's Talk Interactive, Inc., a leader in customizable telehealth software and solutions, is helping emergency services organizations respond to hurricanes and other disasters with field-ready telehealth kits that can connect victims and first responders with doctors and other medical experts.

Let's Talk Interactive (LTI) provides HIPAA-compliant telehealth software and hardware to healthcare facilities and physicians nationwide. Emergency services providers -- honored this week in the United States during National EMS Week -- use LTI's solar-powered, field-ready telehealth kits as their mobile triage kit.

"Anything can happen during hurricane season, and the pandemic adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult situation," says Arthur Cooksey, chief executive officer of LTI. "Our mobile kits were designed to be rugged, allowing emergency responders and disaster teams to provide on-the-spot medical care, right in the heart of a disaster zone if necessary."

Deployed by many federal and state-run agencies worldwide, the mobile telehealth kits are equipped with battery backup and solar power, featuring a wide array of remote communications capabilities. They are equipped with a cradlepoint™ modem with built-in mobile hotspot, allowing users to conduct stable video conferencing over 4G and 3G networks; users can drop in a SIM card and be connected to cellular networks immediately or connect through ethernet or wireless modem. ​

LTI's Rugged Telehealth Kit can host a wide variety of devices for bio-analytics to include, but not limited to:

  • EKG
  • Blood Pressure
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Otoscope
  • Dermascope
  • General Exam Camera

Telehealth kits are on the Federal Emergency Management Association's Authorized Equipment List of items that can be purchased through the agency's preparedness grant program. The Florida Division of Emergency Management Services and several Native American tribal organizations have already implemented the kits. LTI markets the kits year-round to allow emergency services agencies to prepare in advance.