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Firefly USB General Exam Scope

Firefly USB General Exam Scope
Firefly USB General Exam Scope

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DE605 General Examination Camera

The DE605 General Examination Camera is a special purpose, ultra HD digital video camera combined with a high magnification lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs.

This cutting-edge, digital, polarizing general examination camera is ideal for healthcare professionals and telemedicine deployments where close-up skin inspections or general examinations are essential. Whether you’re viewing a questionable mole, a patient’s throat, or a subject 15ft away, the DE605 can easily focus on distant and up-close targets. On contact the viewing area is 20mm x 25mm – Perfect for dermoscopy!

The DE605 enables remote care providers to see close-up or distant live images of the patient. The DE605 uses standard webcam drivers, which means integration is easy – Just plug the general exam camera into an available USB port.

With its many uses and applications, the DE605 General Exam Camera is a versatile, easy to use tool and is available at a very affordable price. Please contact us for more information.


  • Ultra HD Resolution
  • Variable Viewing Distance
    • Torso
    • Portrait
    • Oral/Skin
  • Easily integrates with telehealth solutions
  • Built in polarizer for dermoscopy
  • Records pictures and video
  • 16 LEDs with Controllable Brightness
  • Observes and records in real time
  • Built-in snapshot button